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How much does it cost?

Since every song is different from the other, it should be reflected in the price.

A mere quantification and charge calculated by how many minutes a tune lasts would not be fair to anyone, which is why I want us to talk every project through and settle for a sum we are both happy with. The price depends largely on how many tracks you need, the complexity and length of the tracks, and how soon you need them.

Should you, for instance, need a speedier turnaround of 48 hours for a more complex fusion-tune in 9/16 that lasts for ten minutes, we will discuss the pricing further and reach a healthy agreement.

As a rough guideline though, my average rate would be in the realm of 10-15 EUR per song minute.

Payment through Payson, Moneybookers etc. is preferred, since it's most secure for both parties.