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No payment until you are completely satisfied with your tracks!

This is how we will go about it:

* Send me an e-mail and tell me what you’re after. We’ll discuss sound, style, amount, deadlines and so forth.

* If you decide this is for you, I will ask you to send me your tracks/stems in either WAV or MP3 format. A mixdown of your music (minus drums) will also work. I will then import these into my DAW. Make sure that all tracks start at 00.00.00 so we have a common reference.

* Let me know your preferences when it comes to interpretation of the track(s). Should I be laid-back, play busy, include lots of fills – or will you give me complete freedom? It’s all up to you since it’s YOUR song, and I’ll do my very best to make your song shine. I also encourage you to mention a few reference tracks that have a sound or feel you’d like to emulate.

* I will then deliver a mixdown of the song with my drums added, plus a drums-only mixdown for you to listen to. If you are satisfied and approve you make a payment via Paypal, and I will then upload all tracks to you in WAV 24/44.1 (or any other format if requested).


In case you are NOT satisfied – tell me what drum part you’d like to change, and I’ll make sure to work on it until it’s tailor-made. And there’s no extra charge. Only when you are completely satisfied do you make the full payment.