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Why use electronic drums / samples instead of an acoustic setup?

First of all – the most important aspect of a drum performance will always be the player, which is why it’s absolutely key that the drums are PLAYED – not programmed. This is how I do it and "always will". Quantization, loops, and pure finger programming can be spotted from several miles away.

A few of the most obvious advantages I can offer my clients include:

* An extreme array of sounds - with professionally recorded multisamples in pro- studios, which can be moulded to utter perfection even before you hit the mixing stage. Contrast this with the drum studio, which normally has only a few setups to choose from, and is limited to a fixed audio palette in a specific room with unalterable acoustics.

* Cost-efficiency - since room, gear, time and people involved are optimized – but never compromised.

* The possibility of having the performance delivered in virtually any format – including multichannel Audio (up to 12 stereo/mono tracks), MIDI to be imported and edited in your DAW, or a simple mixdown if you’d like.

Now”, you might think to yourself, “why should I use your services when I know several people who have a copy of SD, AD, SSD, BFD etc. and I can just ask them to import a few midi loops to fit my song? Or better yet – sit down and program them note by note myself?”

To this I say:

Sure – If you do not have a problem with your drum tracks sounding static and/or programmed; go ahead. Because even if you use the humanized midi loops included in many a software these days, they will inevitably sound repetitive, and are characterized by such perfection and flawlessness that it will sound artificial.

Again – the key is to PLAY the performance. The simple fact remains; it is almost a mission impossible to determine that what is needed to make the track sound groovy is a ghost note with a velocity of 27 on 03.04.216 – not to mention program it. That’s where the performing drummer in real time comes into play.

Feel free to browse the examples on the website, all played by me on the fly with various software.