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Welcome to your one-stop total drum tracking solution!

* Is your production in need of a pristine drum performance played
    by a seasoned drummer?

* Tired of MIDI loops and ultra stiff drum programming?

* Is your budget tight - but expectations and demands high?

* Funk/Rock/Fusion/Metal/Country/Pop/Latin/Jazz tracks needed?

Let me help you out...

"Yellow fields and blue skies" (instr. fusion) -
by Anders Kastor(keys)/Simon Lau(bass)/Raul R(perc.)

by Billy LeCoq-Mauvaise(gtr)/Anton Wannemakers(bass)/Mike Patterson(vocals)

"Rubikons Kube"(instr. experimental rock) -
by Ian Pellow(bass & everything else except drums)


(Select tracks for Six Years Later: Bad Habits)